Hi I'm Mike Kozlowski and I'm the main man at Steel Pony Farm. I'm a soil worshiper, a vegetable whisperer, and a yogi at heart. I'm also a true local, born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta. So of course it makes sense that I care a lot about my hometown - and not just because I grew up here. I see greatness in the potential of Central Alberta - amazing people, moderate climate, plenty of sun, just enough rain - there's a lot to like. But there was something lacking in our neck of the woods. Something nagging in the back of my mind. A seed was planted (in my brain - not a literal seed!), giving rise to an idea. I learned a lot about the importance of soil quality and the incredible value this provides with respect to the health of not just the soil or the food that we eat, but of the greater importance this plays in our ecosystem. I have traveled far and wide in order to learn more about this value, and I have brought it back to share. If you visit my farm, you'll only need to see it once to believe it. Taking care of your soil is one of the most important factors in creating legitimately healthy food, and in turn helping create a more healthy local population. I collaborate with Blake Hall (from Prairie Gold Meats) & Sven Stave (from Field to Fork) at Tamara Ranch located 5 miles south and east of Red Deer.